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JBL Superbass Wireless Earbuds With Magnetic Charging Case

UGX 65,000

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1. True Wireless, Enjoy the FreedomIt is time to enjoy or share your favorite music freely.

2. JBL now brings its brand-new TWS4.

3. No more wires between the twin headphones!

4. You can give one of them to a loved one, and enjoy your favorite song together at ease.


1. Charging on the Go12 Hours Playback ( 3 Times of additional charging 9 Hours of additional playback ) - TWS4 lasts for 3 hours on a single charge.

2. Carrying the headphones steadily and firmly, the charging case can add an additional 9 hours of play- back time.

3. All together the 12 hours playback keeps the music with you all day long.

4. Comfort and Stable Wearing EDIFIER TWS3 adopts an ergonomic, light-weight design.

5.High-Quality ManufacturingMeticulous manufacturing process, strict quality control, re-liability testing, environmental friendly materials, real-timemanagement,JBL aims to bring you with absolutely high-quality earbuds.

6. One Step to PairEquipped with Hall magnetic sensor, TWS4 is easy to use for everyone.

7. You just need to take them out of the charging case, and the headphones will be connected to your device automatically.

8. Stable Connection TWS4 has upgraded to bluetooth V4.2.

9. The CSR chips guarantee not only high-resolution sound quality, but also more stable connection and lower latency.

10. As long as you stay within a 10-meter distance from the device, the music will be in the air.

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